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Original Pinsaria LLC is the importer, wholesaler and distributors of Pinsa parbakes in the USA. We are a business that focus on providing unique experiences to our clients. We are always focused on improving our product and our process. We pay attention and handle each aspect of the import and manufacturing process.

For the last decade, the Pinsa parbake sales have grown immensely throughout the world and are continuing this strong upward trend. Original Pinsaria intends to be the first to import high-quality par-bakes to the North American market. The bases of Pinsa are hand stretched, parbaked, flash-frozen and ready to be shipped to you.


Simone Stefanucci – CEO

Simone is a Law graduate. During his career at a Regional Government office, he led several projects, through which he substantially improved his management, team building, and problem-solving skills. Six years ago, after attending an evening training on Pinsa Romana, he successfully launched two restaurants offering Pinsa Romana in Switzerland and Spain.

He is responsible for the daily operation of the company including management,  research, manufacturing, development, design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm’s products, ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective. In addition, he will maintain and monitor staffing, levels, expectations and motivation to fulfill organizational requirements.


Mauro Pura – CIO

Mauro earned an equivalent of a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture in Delémont, Switzerland, and a Master of Arts in Intercultural studies in Pasadena, CA. He has managed multimillion projects as a real estate promoter in Switzerland. In addition, he owns four offices as a franchisee of REMAX as well. He also owns a restaurant in Switzerland, in which he used to sell Pinsa Romana as a special course. He presides over several other firms in different sectors.

He is responsible to maintain and develop business relations with investors and banks, supervise business management and coordinate long-term investments. He will also be responsible for understanding, managing and monitoring the organization’s portfolio of assets, devising strategies for growth, recognizing and avoid serious risks.


Alberto Di Marco – Strategic advisor

Alberto is an Economics graduated. He is one of Di Marco’s business partners. He has developed the Pinsa’s business around the world taking care of the commercial branch.

He is responsible for managing intellectual capital and knowledge management, learning and training, collecting relevant data that is useful for the organization as knowledge, promoting the knowledge agenda within and beyond the company, overseeing the development of the knowledge infrastructure, facilitating connections, coordination and communications.


Davis Adams – Strategic Advisor

Davis earned his Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Real Estate at Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.  Davis has been a licensed real estate broker for nearly three decades.  He also has experience in commercial real estate development, co-developing a 220 acre mixed use retail development in North Atlanta.

He analyzes retail and wholesale site selections,  develops and maintains relations with investors, and helps facilitate the company’s culture and values.


Kenneth Vancini – Strategic Advisor

Ken is an accomplished business leader with 25 years of progressive, multi-disciplined experience in sales strategy and management, client engagement, team development and executive oversight. Most recently Ken was CEO of Avatar Companies.  Avatar, a private investment company, made investments the behavioral health and wellness industry.  In 1999 Ken founded and ran ZRG Partners.  The fastest growing Executive Search firm in the Americas.  He was responsible for driving 30% compounded annual growth for 16 years.  Ken is an MBA and contributes to many charitable organizations

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