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Pinsa Parbakes

We let the dough rise for 72 hours to make it extremely digestible. An expert team of master pizza makers stretch each pinsa by hands to keep intact its properties. The bases of Pinsa are hand stretched, parbaked, flash-frozen and ready to be shipped to you.


Our Pinsa Romana parbakes are handcrafted, NO GMO, NO preservatives and NO additives.

The perfect size for fast foods, bars and

any kind of business focus on a street service.

Each Pinsa weighs 4,5 oz.

n.50 Pinsas per box.

Ideal size for a service table business such as

restaurants, hotels, caterings.

Each Pinsa weighs 8,1 oz.

n.35 Pinsas per box.

The right size if you want to offer “more”

to your clients.

Each Pinsa weighs 8,8 oz.

n.40 Pinsas per box.

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