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Pinsa: It’s all about the dough!


Pinsa is the consummation of over 100 years of Roman artisan baking expertise, creativity and experience.

Pinsa comes from Latin “pinsere” meaning “push the dough by hands”. Pinsa is described as being like a “cloud” of pizza with a delightful, crispy texture on the outside and an incredibly soft, tasty inside. Pinsa is made with the exquisite taste of natural ancient bread in its original oval form, which delivers an incredible taste experience and an appealingly distinctive presentation. 


Pinsa traces its origins back to the Roman Empire. It was considered so delicious that the ancient priests offered it to the gods. The poet Virgil in his Aeneid wrote that peasants in the Roman countryside kneaded grains, salt and herbs to make a “low and oval cake” cooked on hot coals. Virgil recorded this easily digestible cake was one of the first foods Trojan Hero Aeneas bit into when he set foot on the Lazio coast.

Today, we want to share this popular regional product, par excellence, characterized by its delicious taste, crispy crust and soft inside.


Pinsa is enjoyably digestible! The dough is made from Non-GMO rice, soy and wheat flours. Pinsa is a work of culinary art and a revelation into the pizza industry. It is considered a game changer by many existing restauranteurs worldwide. Given its outstanding taste, all natural properties and health benefits, we are confident Pinsa will become a mainstay in the United States market as well.

The ease of digestibility is due to several factors, including the 72 hour process of cold fermentation which breaks down starches, the 80-90% hydration and the simplicity of all natural ingredients. The perfect “maturation” is the result of our specific cold working method of the dough based upon the study of optimal temperatures for each phase of the process. During the maturation period, complex sugars and proteins break down into simple sugars and amino acids, resulting in a delicious, incredibly easy and natural digestive experience.



The combination of Non-GMO rice, soy and wheat flours help make Pinsa crunchy the outside and amazingly soft and light on the inside. The rice flour used in Pinsa allows this dough to have significantly fewer calories and fats than the typical pizza.

Rice flour in the Pinsa revolutionizes the dough because of its ability to absorb water, aiding in its digestibility. Because of this, Pinsa uses less wheat flour, resulting in fewer carbohydrates and calories. Soy flour naturally contains vitamins A, B, and C as well as the minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Soy flour is gluten-free and helps reduce cholesterol in the blood.


Pinsa is HEALTHY:


Due to our specific cold working method, high hydration and lengthy cold fermentation process, Pinsa is more wholesome, digestible, low calorie, low carb and low fat than the classic pizza. Pinsa is an innovative food product because it perfectly matches the growing demand for natural, healthy, and high quality food.

Pinsa is made with all natural, Non-GMO ingredients. Pinsa is made with all natural olive oil. Pinsa contains no added shortenings, additives, or preservatives.

How much healthier is Pinsa than a normal pizza?

  • 48% LESS SUGAR

  • 85% LESS FATS


  • 33% LESS CARBS

These unique factors make Pinsa one of the most delicious, healthy and digestible pizzas available in the world today. Pinsa combines a perfect blend of ingredients and flavors which create a unique pizza crust that is sought after by pizza lovers and health-conscious consumers alike.  

It is a rare combination of delicious taste, healthy ingredients and specialized fermentation that has led well known pizza makers to use Pinsa in order to win multiple World Pizza Championships.




Pinsa dough is made by following a strict method of cold temperature fermentation and timing. An expert team of master pizza makers stretch each Pinsa by hand to keep its amazing properties intact.  Each Pinsa is hand-stretched, par-baked, flash-frozen and ready to be shipped to you.


Not only has Pinsa won many international Pizza competitions for its incredible taste, it has been a game-changer for many of 5,000 existing clients because of the many delicious properties and healthy benefits. Pinsa Romana has seen the rapid growth (40%) in Italy, traditionally a very demanding country for tasty and quality food, while in the rest of the world has improved by 200%.

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